Gateway Group Science Curriculum 2010

Scope and Sequence

Vision/Philosophy Statement

"Today more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation" (Obama, 2008).

The rapid pace of technological advances, access to an unprecedented wealth of information, and the pervasive impact of science and technology on day-to-day living require a depth of understanding that can be enhanced through quality science education. In the 21st century, science education focuses on the practices of science that lead to a greater understanding of the growing body of scientific knowledge that is required of citizens in an ever-changing world.
(2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science)

The Gateway Group Science Curriculum is based on inquiry centered learning and teaching which builds on children’s experiences, emphasizes student-centered exploration and incorporates differentiated learning opportunities.  Students engage in science experiences that promote the ability to ask, find, or determine answers to questions derived from natural curiosity about everyday things and occurrences. The curriculum values the premise that science is experienced as an active process in which inquiry is central to learning and in which students engage in observation, inference, and experimentation on an ongoing basis, rather than as an isolated a process. Students actively develop their understanding of science by identifying their assumptions, using critical and logical thinking, and considering alternative explanations.


To fulfill the purpose of science education, research indicates that a quality science education fosters a population that:

  • Experiences the richness and excitement of knowing about the natural world and understanding how it functions.
  • Uses appropriate scientific processes and principles in making personal decisions.
  • Engages intelligently in public discourse and debate about matters of scientific and technological concern.
  • Applies scientific knowledge and skills to increase economic productivity.
(2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science)